Thursday, September 15, 2011

Recent Favorites Pt. 11

These recent favorites are of the vintage variety. Tony and I live in a small apartment but that doesn't stop me from shopping for the imaginary rooms we don't yet have.
-I've always dreamed of having a vanity where I can apply my makeup in natural sunlight, have all my perfume bottles displayed by color, and apply my moisturizing cold cream at night. For now, this trifold, hanging mirror will do. 
-I'm a woman of many deadlines so I'm always watching the clock. 
-The colors of this typewriter would go just perfectly on my writing desk.
-The more (clocks) the merrier! :)
I am very much looking forward to cooler weather. As soon as the season really turns, my sister and I are going to have an afternoon tea party. 
-I'll need a hostess dress and I am very in to the proper row of buttons on this one.
-What's a tea party without pretty little tea cups, and matching saucers?
-A butter yellow creamer and sugar bowl set will fit perfectly with my dishes.
-A light summer cardigan is always in season in Southern California. 
Yes, I am still looking for anything Mad Men related. I can't wait to see what happens with Joan and that baby! Scandal, for sure. In the meantime I will channel her with this pencil on a necklace. Paying bills and organizing paper work would be a chore made easier by this charming set of drawers.
Thank you etsy, a girl can dream.
handy dandy photo layouts from pugly pixel
photo sources-
for the home: 1234
an afternoon tea party: 1234
desk set: 12

last day to enter "earlybird" at checkout for $10 off this set.

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