Friday, September 2, 2011

Redondo Beach Pier

A few weeks ago, Tony was on the hunt for fresh anchovies. Our friend suggested we try out the fresh fish market at the Redondo Beach pier. Though the weather was overcast and a little windy, the beach was bustling with activity.
 The pier is massive, with tons of restaurants, an arcade, and a giant parking structure. 
It was a little after noon and we had just eaten breakfast. We definitely want to come back to try this place.
This is the place. It was overwhelming how many different kinds of seafood they had to offer.
Giant crabs, and lobsters,
and plenty of sardines, but no fresh anchovies! It wasn't a total bust. We want to go back to have their fresh oysters, which they shuck right in front of you and there's a seating area to eat them. 
all photos taken with my 35mm minolta and expired slide film.
I'm spending this labor day weekend at my sister's. Finally- it's Friday!


  1. I really love piers...really wish we had them in Spain too!

  2. can I buy your shop items (is that the correct word?)here in germany too?
    Hanna :)

  3. Thank you so much for coming to visit us and giving us some love! I'll be sure to tell our customers of the write up in your blog. =)



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