Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Lomo LC-A+

I had been dying to try out the Lomo LC-A+ camera for a while- I'd heard great things about it. I randomly emailed the gallery store in West Hollywood and asked if there was going to be a workshop anytime soon. Not only was there a workshop being offered in the next week, it was being held at space 15 twenty (way closer to my house) and it was free- usually they cost $10. So Dab, from the ever fabulous Old Brand New, and I, jetted over to Hollywood for the night.
The workshop started with a presentation/chat about lomography's history and how the lc-a+ came about. Afterwards we got together for some group shots. Then we walked around the neighborhood as a group for about 30-40 minutes. We got to use the camera and a roll of slide film, plus there was a bartender and a dj. Pretty fun for what could have been a typical Thursday night!
Dab and I shared a camera and shot one roll of film. These two (above and below) where the only shots of mine that I liked. 
-it uses 35mm film
-easy to double expose a shot
-and it's very light weight.  
Con: It costs $250. This con outweighs all the pros in my mind. I don't think the camera is worth the money. For that price, I do expect a camera to have a manual focus. If you like the grain and look of these pictures, I have to say it's not because of the camera. We used slide film that Dab cross processed. The same effect could be had with cameras that cost six times less- such as the wide angle slim. 
I do appreciate being able to try out the camera before buying. That would make me have confidence in Lomography as a brand, if I didn't already.
Dab took this picture of me with his iphone and instagram. The camera is very cute but...
the lubitel just jumped to the top of my wish list. Check out Dab's pictures and review here.
photo sources: top two from lomo
2 of dab by me, taken with the lomo lc-a+
photo of me shot by dab's iphone/instagram
lubitel camera from lomoshop.

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