Monday, October 10, 2011

My Weekend

This weekend was extremely productive! Katie and Tony helped me reshoot all of our holiday items, including the halloween cards, then Katie and Nat wrote product descriptions and added them to our shop.
What do you think of the gold background? I had mixed feelings about it but I was convinced otherwise. 
Our holiday stamp kit is back in stock as well- choose from either happy holidays, or merry christmas. Each comes with an archival, fast drying red ink pad and 10 gift tags.
I am loving these photo layouts. I think they make the photos look so clean and organized. I treated myself to this amazing deal from pugly pixel- the blog bling kit. It is filled with so many photo templates, textures, patterns, and other fun stuff that I actually had a hard time organizing all the downloaded files on my desktop! Expect to see a lot more use of it here- I definitely recommend it :)
You can find the products showcased here for sale in our shop.



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