Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Recent Favorites Pt. 12

There's just something about Autumn that makes it feel like more of a new beginning to me than Spring. Fall is absolutely my favorite time of year. The temperature drops and the days get shorter. It doesn't hurt that any and everything is pumpkin flavored, and therefore, delicious. It's been too long since I've shared some of my recent favorites from Flickr. Here's just a few notes about them, photo sources are listed at the bottom of this post.
-This illustrated top five list caught my eye because it showcases all of my favorite things about this time of year. Wouldn't this be a great print?
-The blue of this door is so pretty and I love the mail slot that invites letters in.
-Do I need a reason to favorite this beauty? 
-A sampling of the Pacific Northwest's Flora and Fauna.
-Yoko from Homako recently went traveling through Europe and found some gorgeous vintage display items for her craft fair booth. I'm looking forward to seeing them in action.
-These handmade envelopes are so eye catching, I think I need to hunt for some of that wrapping paper.
-I'm intrigued by this giant book- about the weather?
-A beautiful capture of a yellow rose, it almost looks like a painting.
Very much looking forward to the online shop of Wanderlust.
-Though I'm so happy that Fall is here, Kate's photos make me miss the sweet berries of summer. 
-I would be happy working 12 hours at my desk if I had these blooms to keep me company :)
Photo sources-
Group 3) Wanderlust shop

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