Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Recent Favorites Pt. 13

A few great images I recently came across on Flickr. 
-Taking a half frame traveling is a great idea. I've always wanted to take a toy camera with me on holiday but I always just take my 35mm. Tried and true! I think Tony gets a bit fed up with me when I have 4+ cameras and am always fumbling with them. 
-The colored houses on Portobello Road in London are too good to be true. I think I'd like to live in the pink one the best.
-Chocolate dipped brownies ...amazing.
-A visit to the pumpkin patch sounds so fun. I have not been pumpkin picking since I was little.
-Great collection of vintage air mail envelopes. I've been trying to get over my saving (hoarding) of stationery- what good is it in a drawer? I think this collection is too great to risk getting ruined by post and should be framed.
-I've been watching ABC's Pan Am and am hooked on it. This vintage tag is from the same era. I enjoy the show because it depicts the golden age of travel, where you dressed up to take a flight. Hat box, train case, and matching suitcases- what a dream. It's depressing to see people travel in sweatpants. Have they no shame?!

These ail themed stamps are pretty adorable. Not sure what the story is behind that chicken but I like it!
 Photo sources-
Photo layouts from Pugly Pixel, available here.

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