Thursday, October 27, 2011

Recent Favorites Pt. 14

Just a few favorites recently found on Pinterest. 
-I agree, it is fun to write letters. I've got a few to return, I'm looking forward to it.
-These dreamy colors of the moon phases remind me of that "mood" color changing lipstick I had when I was little.
-Packages from NYC establishments.
-Beautiful typography of shop signs. 
-Glitter! always a good idea.
Do you have a pinterest board? If so, leave a comment with your link, I'm always interested in checking out more pinners.
Photo sources-
Photo layouts from Pugly Pixel, available here.


  1. candy shop by deborah lippmann looks delicious. i've gotta check it out at nordstrom to see if they have it!

  2. I love Pinterst! I'm already one of your followers. Love it. So addicting. Missed the "It's fun to write letters" image. Off to find it now!



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