Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Gifts from NY

Whenever I travel I always leave room in my suitcase for gifts. Here are a few things I brought back for my friends, family and myself :)
Penguin book notebooks and a mug from Strand, a "tool box" it's pretty small I'm not sure what tools could fit in here, so maybe its more of a pencil box :)- from kiosk. I also got a cat toy from kiosk that fell apart the second time it was played with- not worth it!
Calendar from the MOMA store, Fawnsberg stationery from greenwich letterpress, gourmet salt from the Filing station in Chelsea Market, Mugs from Fishs Eddy, Tea from Harney & Sons.
Citrine necklace from the brooklyn flea, more mugs from fishs eddy, adorable ribbon from Pink Olive.
Some various glass containers for myself from Fishs eddy. I shipped all of my Fishs eddy purchases home, since they were way too heavy to carry around the city all day. They staff expertly packaged everything so it all arrived in perfect condition.
I can never resist stock pilling stationery from MUJI, and more envelope templates? I have a problem, I'm aware.
Cut from real map envelopes: JAM paper, multi color pens from MUJI, detail of fawnsberg stationery, and stamps from Casey rubber stamps.
Fun origami paper from Pearl River. I feel like I just got settled back into a routine after NY but it's time to pack another bag. Tony had to go to Atlanta for a week so I'm going to meet him there. We won't be back until Monday. Have a great holiday!


  1. The map envelopes are awesome! What kind of envelopes makes the template that looks like it has triangles?

  2. I have just been on a major search for some fancy salts (I'm going to put them on my Christmas list)...those look SO good!

  3. LOVE that MoMA calendar! Great goodies. :)

  4. loving all your goods from the city! i totally got those muji envelope templates when i was there last month! :)



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