Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Paper Pastries Press

 While I was in New York, my parents called to tell me that the Nov/Dec issue of Westways magazine had arrived in the mail. We had been looking forward to this for a while. The managing editor found our booth at July's Renegade craft fair and asked if she could have a sample of our California pencils to include in their holiday gift guide.
Text reads "Between planning festive meals, hanging lights, and negotiating holiday parties, shopping for gifts at this time of year can start to seem like a chore. Who has time to look for something perfect for everyone on their list? We're here to help. On the following pages, you'll find a variety of holiday gift selections for your favorite foodies, car enthusiasts, and world travelers, along with items from the museumgoers and pet lovers in your life. In addition to great online selections, we've selected our favorite Southland store for each category. And if you're more interested in experiences than gifts, we've got them covered, too. Event listings on every page will give you plenty of ideas about things to do- when you're done shopping, of course."
A very comprehensive gift guide and we are honored to be featured on the first page!
It is very exciting to see Paper Pastries in print. This has definitely kick started holiday orders over here at PP world headquarters. The majority of of sales are coming in from southern California. So nice to have local support :) I've also received a lot of acclaim from fellow bloggers, tweeters, and flickr contacts saying they came across the pencils in Westways. Thank you everyone!

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  1. I found you through the Westways article today which has been sitting on my coffee table for two months! I love your gift certificate idea and will be coming back. Congrats on your engagement! I have a feeling you will LOVE planning and preparing for your big day



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