Monday, November 7, 2011

Kaweco Fountain Pen

We're excited to be carrying distinctive pens like these Kaweco classic fountain pen. My favorite thing about this pen is that there are many different color ink cartridges- 2 blues, purple, black, red, and green. 
The pen is very easy to get working- all you do is unscrew the top from the lower body and insert the ink right above the nib. The only thing I didn't like was the blue pen body had a sticker stuck to it that was impossible to remove cleanly. If you're giving one as a gift I would say to open up the box to remove any stickers and to insert the cartridge so it's ready to go.
Here is my first attempt with the fountain pen. Even on textured paper I found it the ink to write and flow smoothly. A win! Highly recommended- and ever since I got it I have not been able to write with anything else :)
All photos by Margaret Haas


  1. OKay, I'm sold. I love using the Kaweco at GREER, and seeing my name like that... well, that seals it.

  2. it is a beautiful test, I like much the arabesques !

  3. Wow! You got it to flex! I have a Kaweco Fine nib but I've never pushed it to flex. I did get a Noodler's Flex Nib fountain pen this week which flexes pretty well.

  4. First attempt!? whaa that is amazing! i've always tried to write with fountain pens but doesn't work out, unfortunately. I love your blog!



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