Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Recent Favorites Pt. 16 {flickr}

Is it just me or does it feel like Fall is flying by? Already thanksgiving?! Well, I'm not complaining, it is my favorite holiday. Food, family, relaxation, shopping- what's not to love? It's also that last bit of calm before the holiday crazies start. Speaking of holiday shopping, we are going to send out our holiday newsletter soon, so if you'd like to receive a special discount code, find out which fairs we're doing, and see what else is new, you can sign up here. 
Now on to the recent favorites. I've been so busy that I haven't been able to catch up looking through my flickr contacts recent uploads but I forced myself to sit down with a cup of coffee this morning to do it. It's never that hard to force yourself to do something you like.
I really enjoy the colors of thread, a very neutral palette, then that pop of orange makes it interesting.
What a fun iphone case. In this month's martha stewart, there is a project on how to make cross stitch portraits, it would be a cool gift idea.
Aren't advent calendars the best? This one is DIY.
It's about that time to sit down and make/write/send holiday cards. My table will look like this soon.
Very modern and amazing looking ornaments.
Again, shocked it's time for new calendars already. At least this one is easy on the eyes.
If you don't have time to make holiday cards, I do love Small Adventure's line and their new cards just came out.
Gathering apples just makes me think it's time for pie.
Literally nothing prettier than bokeh christmas lights.
Photo sources-
Photo layouts from Pugly Pixel, available here.

! ! ! exciting news coming tomorrow ! ! ! 
If you're not able to check back in, I hope everyone has a fantastic, delicious, indulgent, incredible thanksgiving tomorrow.


  1. Those trees by Jackie Rueda are STUNNING! Great board - so inspiring!

  2. Not only does it feel like Fall is flying by but it feels like 2011 went by really quickly too!
    You have a really nice blog, by the way. Very fun and colorful. :)
    Have you started writing your holiday cards yet? How many people do you usually include on your list?



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