Monday, December 5, 2011

Paper Pastries at Unique LA

What a weekend! I have a love hate relationship with holiday shows. They are exhausting and exciting at the same time. There's always a lot of prep involved, no matter how many times we've done it. It also gets a bit old when other vendors come up and say "you look so tired!" like, how about "good to see you" or "what's up?" Yeah, I look tired because I am tired. I wake up early every morning and go to bed late every night. It's holiday season- what are you doing? If you're not tired you're not working hard enough! Haters gonna hate.
We switched it up a bit this show, and didn't use the card shelves. To cover the walls, I got a stencil made from Inscriptu in San Diego. Michael was easy to communicate with and got the stencil to me in days. Incredible customer service! After we had the stencil we found a three foot roll of kraft paper at Utrecht art stores. We got spray paint from Osh and went to work. We thought red and gold were the most "holiday" colors that would show up on the kraft paper. The final touches were these wreaths that made the booth smell great- so very holiday. Wendy, Katie, Nat, and Tony gave up their weekend to help out. It was a relief to get a bit of a break but then I waited until the last hour on Sunday to go around and take pictures. 
I was pleased but now that I look at it, the overall display seems a bit flat. Always a work in progress.
Always a good idea to take pictures and reflect. This week we should figure out what we want to change/edit/keep for next weekends fair.
More unique la tomorrow.


  1. This was my first time as a vendor at Unique LA and I totally feel you on the tired thing The last few nights I went to sleep at 5 am, only to wake up at 8 to get ready.

    Your booth looked great, I really loved the stencils against the kraft paper. It definitely caught my eye! I was able to take a quick gander at your shop but unfortunately didn't have much time to make a purchase. I think Tony bought a bag of our PB&J cookies though :)

  2. love your stuff, and the booth looked so great!
    I picked up lots, and lots of great gifts for Christmas at your booth.

    although if people are asking you if you look tired they are generally not categorized as sounds like they care about you and are concerned about you, and like your work.

    hope you get a chance to rest up this holiday season, and make more super cool stuff for us to gobble up next year!!




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