Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Paper & Type at Unique LA Holiday

Sometimes I am such a dope! I don't edit my pictures until I need them so these (among others) got lost in my iphoto library. I'll have many more to share soon (NYC, Atlanta, Las Vegas) but for now I need to finish coverage of the holiday craft fairs.
It really is always a treat to see Victoria of Paper and Type. I really enjoyed her setup with these linen covered card shelves and bits of holiday sprigs sprung about :)
This was the first time I saw her collaboration with le petite elefant- a "year of good cheer" calendar. It is the second time this dynamic duo has teamed up to present a calendar and could it be cuter? The answer is no! Genevieve (le petite elefant) came up with adorable watercolors and Victoria (paper & type) handled the lettering and layout. Each watercolor is detachable and you can send it as a postcard or hang it on your wall.
The thing I'm really excited to share. When I saw it on the table I completely forgot to continue snapping shots. I has changed the way I write letters, so thank you Victoria for a) such a great idea and b) perfect execution.

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