Thursday, December 15, 2011

Press (and a new return address stamp)

Toni Mellott from Traditional Home magazine showcased a few items from their holiday gift guide to feature and this was on national tv. In LA, it was on kcal 9 around 4 yesterday. Crazy right??
Paper Pastries has gone viral. You can click here to watch the segment. It begins around minute 2:05. I am named! Pretty huge. 
Anyway, as you guys can imagine it's been nuts with the online orders. There's only been one issue...we all remember the Allie style:
People were crazy for it but also wanted more swirls, taller letters, skinnier letters, fatter letters, letters spaced further goes on and on. I'm not happy until my customer is happy but most of them just wanted a completely different style than what they had to begin with. It was straying too much from the original style, each one took on a life of it's own. Something had to be done.
A big plus about being in charge is whenever there's an issue it's completely up to me to fix it. The allie style was causing too many problems so I just removed it!  It had a good run. 
The listing seemed weird to me now that there were only three styles to choose from. Again, totally in my control. Debuting a new return address style:
Yes this is dedicated to Donovan of 16sparrows, in a way you could say she saved my sanity :) Now the listing is complete and the orders keep coming! Here is the updated set:
Pretty good looking if you ask me. Custom return address stamp.


  1. WHAT? Me, save you? Mutual savings! Plus, we can keep each other company at the looney bin.

  2. Wow well done Margaret. Your stamps are great - I am so lucky to have one! I was just stamping away on business cards yesterday!

  3. Still can't get over being replaced :( but I have to admit that new style is pretty great



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