Tuesday, January 3, 2012

First of the year

Happy new year everyone! I have some very exciting news- I bought my first car on New Year's Eve. It's a 2012 Ford Fusion in "steel blue." I have not had a car for about 6 months, and in Los Angeles it's pretty hard to get along without one. I am so happy and can't wait to take it on a road trip. It's got a moon roof and the Sync system and a HUGE trunk. I got financed all by myself so I feel so very "adult" about the whole thing ;) I will share more pictures soon. I also have something else to share-
I started making my own soy candles. You may be wondering- what does one thing have to do with the other? When I was trying to figure out what kind of car payments I could afford, I was assessing my monthly bills. Clearly the credit card bill is a big part of it, and I couldn't believe when I saw all together how much money I was spending a month on candles. It seems absurd- I know. But I just love candles. I have one in the bathroom, I have one in our living room and I have one at my studio. I burn through them pretty quick- and at $20-$40 each- it really adds up. So I googled "how to make soy candles" and found this video.  When I brought it up to Tony he did not seem pleased. Starting another diy venture in our tiny apartment didn't seem like the best idea I'll admit, but then I showed up how much money I was spending on candles and he agreed it was worth a shot. He got involved and did some research. There are two different kinds of scents you could use to fragrance your candles- "fragrance oil" which is manufactured, or "essential oils." Essential oils are a bit more pricey but they are natural so we decided to go with that. We got our essential oils from here. For around $100 we had all the supplies we needed to get started. First thing, we got some empty glass Ball Jars (above left) and some wicks. Those silver bars (above right) are to hold the wick in place so it stays centered when pouring in the hot soy wax.
Next we measured out the soy wax (above left) and decided on a scent for our first batch (above right)
After the wax melts, you can then mix in your color and scent. Color isn't necessary but we thought it might be fun, plus easier to tell the scents apart from each other so we got aqua and avocado. 
Tony basically took over the whole process so I was able to photograph everything. Here is the candle just after it was poured (above left) and the next day when they hardened (above right) 
A couple things- I was so excited to use them I kept touching and moving them around. There are a few cracks in the wax at the top- I blame my impatience. Also, when the candles burn the glass jars get very hot so we have to be careful about that. Other than those two things the candles turned out great and smell really good. We made 13 candles total (16 oz each), with three different scents. I am very pleased! We'll definitely be making more, they are so easy. Just measure, melt, mix, and pour. The hardest part is waiting for them to set overnight.


  1. I want to try this! I love the Mason jars. Finding supplies may be tricky, but I'll let you know how it turns out!

  2. Great idea. I also spend a small fortune on candles.

  3. I'd like to try this! Too bad christmas is over because such candels would make a hell of a present ^^

  4. This is such a great and creative idea! I am going to have to try these!



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