Friday, January 6, 2012

Recent Favorites Pt. 20

It feels like January is flying by! I have to get a hold of it before it slips away. From top left-
Donovan organized her studio and shared photos of it- hopefully it will serve as good inspiration for me.
Funny vintage graphic
Raw images by Kate Bingaman-Burt for Real simple. I liked seeing the "before" and "after" in the actual issue.
I pretty much always have a craving for oysters.

I just got my photos back from Yosemite, but have not had time to scan them in. I've been missing being in the wilderness so I enjoyed these hiking pictures.
-I don't chew gum but this bubblegum machine is adorable. What a color!
-Great colorful, eye-catching business card
-Since it's been 70+ degrees in LA I could really go for a romp through the mossy forest. Especially with cute hunter boots
Photo sources:
From my flickr favorites


  1. Ack, studio envy. And I'm contemplating making a fake business just so I can have some beautiful business cards.



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