Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Small Business Meetup No. 1

I hope everyone had a relaxing three day weekend. We made a quick trip up north- it's always fun to get out of town for a few days.
I meant to post about this before I left but time just flew by. Last thursday night, Erin rounded up some small business people for a meeting. 
In attendance was- ErinLaura (who also hosted us at her beautiful home) KeikoSaraElinorDavid, and myself. 
I think it's a very strong group and we all work well with each other. Since it was the first meeting, we introduced ourselves and what we do/make
then briefly discussed our goals. One of my biggest goals for 2012 is getting my studio really organized. As some 
of you know my work studio has had a lot of ups and downs. For now, it seems like every issue I once had is some
what under control. Now that I'm able to focus on my actual business, I do notice that it's easy for me to become 
un-organized in a matter of a week. My sister has really been helping with keeping track of our paper stock- but I
have no idea of the rest of the inventory. Whenever I'm working on a project, it needs to be out on a work table, and 
somehow it migrates to another work space then my whole studio is covered in one project and I can't work on any
thing else. So my goal for January is to at least get a hold of inventory, and make sure everything has a place. I
am in the middle of the biggest wholesale order I've ever had so it is kind of forcing me to stay
organized- it's a good thing! I will be sure to track my progress- it might be a different story in a month!
I've been revisiting some pinterest boards and looking for others that deal with work spaces. Whether it's a desk or a whole room, you won't get far in a mess.
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  1. It was great meeting you, Margaret! Can't wait for future meetings. Good luck with your organizing!

    1. great meeting you too! Looking forward to our next meeting



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