Thursday, February 23, 2012

Buried Treasure No. 1

Buried Treasure- something that I shoved in my drawer and forgot but recently re-discovered. Lots of photos from past vacations that I've yet to share.
I found a lot of pictures that I never shared. One of the best things about film is waiting for the surprises to come back. You sometimes get shots that you had forgotten about. This roll is from last June. Katie, Nat, and I went up north and came across some of the best ice cream I'd ever tried.
It's called Smitten, it's right across from Miette bakery in Hayes Valley. They make your ice cream right in front of you with fresh ingredients. The line was about 20 people long. In front of us was an adorable puppy named Rocky. He made waiting in the line go by quickly. 
Afterwards we went across to Berkeley and found some knitta. 
all photos by margaret haas, 35 mm film.



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