Wednesday, February 8, 2012

California Road Trip No. 2

The second part of our road trip, Pigeon Point, Santa Cruz and Carmel. From the top left: -The coast at Pigeon point, part of the 17 mile drive, flower field, and Pigeon point light house.
-Santa Cruz Flowers, cowell College at UCSC, stained glass at Cowell, and the cutest beach cottage.
-The railroad tracks to the boardwalk, view of town from UCSC campus.
-California coast at Pigeon Point,  shoe gazing at salt water sandals on pier, 17 mile drive and the best sandwiches.
all photos by margaret haas. I used a mix of 35mm and 120 film.


  1. I love Carmel so much! I want to live there!

    1. It was my first visit even though I went to school less than an hour away. Very beautiful place.

  2. I love the photo of the light house! So lovely :)



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