Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Paper Pastries hits the BIG screen!

*First of all, I'm writing this just as I got home from seeing the movie so ignore the ramblings, grammatical errors and excessive punctuation !!!
This all started about two years ago. I got an email that said: "Spyglass Entertainment's THE VOW is interested in featuring your greeting card in a scene with actress Rachel McAdams." Clearly, I was overly excited. I couldn't get to the post office fast enough. I've loved any and every movie Rachel McAdams has ever been in. My cards in a movie? With one of my favorite actresses? It seemed just too good to be true. 
(For those who don't know, it's a story about a married couple who experience a terrible car accident, and because of it the wife suffers memory loss. She remembers her life, but only before she got married. The film is set in Chicago. Even if my cards weren't in it, I would want to see it. )
My two bffs went to go see The Vow on opening night and reported back that none of my cards were featured. I was sad but in the back of my mind I knew that any scene might end up on the cutting room floor. That all changed when a friendly stranger tweeted @ me:
Sorry, confusing but just read from the bottom, up. She said "I think I saw one of your heart city postcards in The Vow." What an eye she has! It was all too exciting. Tony took me to see it the next chance we could.
Thanks to Hannah Coleman, I knew just which scene to keep my eyes open for. Here Rachel McAdams is sorting through photos she could remember, and behind her are photos, cards, and the mementos she couldn't remember.
Channing Tatum, who plays her husband comes in. This was a great view of the cards. Now I know that you may not recognize it right away, but after slaving away making hundreds of these cards, I recognized them like an old friend! The cards there were featured- 
Picture me and you is on the left and  
I left my heart in Chicago is on the right. You can kind of make out the heart in the terrible photo I took with my phone. 
Oh, and by the way I hope I don't get in trouble for taking pictures with my phone. I had to right? They were on screen a good 40 seconds so I got a few chances to take some pictures, all of them were slightly blurry. I was shaky with the excitement so please excuse the poor quality of photos.
Here is a good picture of the scene, (but my cards are not visible) from the Vow's IMDB page:


  1. That is so exciting!! Congrats :D
    xo Heather

  2. I'm so sorry I didn't catch them in the film! Congrats! I'm glad that it got some screen time :)

  3. Congratulations! I can't wait to see the film - will look out for them!

  4. You're FAMOUS (but we already knew that)!!!!

  5. Thanks everyone, it's fun to share this excitement with you!

  6. this is soooooo freakin' awesome! congratulations, margaret! :D

  7. That is so awesome, congratulations!!

  8. Wow. That is soo amazing! I will look out for your card when I watch it. Congrats! :D

  9. Ahhhh! Not only are you famous for making it to the big screen, but now I'm famous for making it on your blog!! ;)



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