Friday, February 3, 2012

Pop Up Shop Opening Tonight

My good friend Virgie is starting a mobile portrait studio All Monsters Are Good. To introduce her company, she will be offering photo sessions through the month of February at ReForm School in Silver Lake. Tonight is the opening party. To keep within the shop's school theme, it's a sweetheart prom. Didn't you always want to relive your prom night? Now yours chance! Bring your girlfriends, your hunk of burning love, or even your pet. Just make sure it's someone you love :) and get ready to have your portrait taken. 
I've seen Virgie work non stop on this backdrop, it started out like this:
and ended up like this:
Each one of those sequins were hammered into that painted backdrop. It looks incredible and even better in person.
In addition to a prom, champagne fountain, and portrait studio- my love cards, Jill K. in LA's custom nude block prints and custom embroidery will also be available. 

1 comment:

  1. Cutest back drop ever! Love it :)



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