Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Required Reading No. 3

My subscription ended with number 11. I was disappointed I forgot to work Uppercase into my budget, it really is a great day when it arrives. Then I heard that issue 12 was the "paper" issue. I couldn't go without it. Luckily, it was at ReForm School so I didn't have to search high and low for a copy.
This really is my favorite issue yet. The articles are always interesting, and I usually let the issue linger over a few cups of coffee, over a few days.
But this issue was just too good. I lost one whole afternoon curled up on my couch. 
The dynamic duo behind Somethings Hiding In Here took these photos. Though I've been to the nyc library a few times this piece made it feel new and exciting. I do want to visit again.
Of course in an issue about paper, mail played a big part. I'm glad letter writing socials are getting press. 
If you ever wondered what the differences were between different tapes, there's a handy field guide.
An article about vintage cameras,
and one of the most fun things in life- road trips.
There's also a story about my friend Kyle's trip across the country. You can follow her adventures here.
all photos from uppercase 12.


  1. This looks like a great magazine. Do you think there is a possibility to order it online? I guess I won't be able to find it somewhere in Germany.

    1. here are the stockists http://www.uppercasegallery.ca/distribution/ and you can buy online here http://shop.uppercasegallery.ca/

  2. Where do you find all of these fantastic magazines?? Oh my goodness
    xo Heather

    1. I got uppercase from ReForm School in silver lake, I subscribe to anthology and kinfolk from skylight books in los feliz.

  3. Is the Mollie Makes magazine easy to find in the UK? I'm going there this summer and would love to pick up a copy.

    1. I've never seen an issue of Mollie Makes, sorry I'm not sure where its sold.



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