Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Sent with love No. 2

Happy belated Valentines Day! Tony  and I will be celebrating tonight instead. I'm actually glad to deter our celebration a day later- the traffic last night was worse than usual.
Since it's after Valentines Day I can share all the love I sent out. No handmade Valentines this year- lazy I know, but I did pick everyone out a specific card. Remember, it's the thought that counts.
I found quite a variety in stores in LA, these were purchased from ReForm School in Silver Lake, Paper Source in Beverly Hills, and Lula Mae in Pasadena. Others I found online.
Letterpress donuts by Motormouth Press for Kate. I think this one is my favorite- it has such great colors.
Since none of my cards were handmade I paid extra special attention to to envelopes. 
Rubber stamps, stickers, washi tape, and different colored pens were put to good use. And more importantly- I'm keeping good on my promise of sending out more mail :)
all photos by margaret haas.


  1. So cute! That happy face card reminds me of my new planner I bought recently.

  2. Ahh these cards all look so cute! How many people did you buy for??
    xo Heather

    1. I was very thoughtful about picking out each individual one. I sent out around 25 valentines.

  3. I loved loved loved my donut card :) Thank you Margaret. Definitely framing that one. Happy Valentines x

  4. What beautiful collection of cards, I love this one with the elephant !
    Wow, your handmade valentine envelopes seems very cute !
    A great work made with love, that's sure !

  5. Upon seeing that donut card, I went immediately to Motormouth Press and ordered EVERY SINGLE donut card in stock--they have you to thank, Margaret :) PS. I have that goose stamp (from Paper Source)--he's one of my faves :)



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