Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Buried Treasure No. 2

More forgotten film. I finally got around to scanning all my pictures from last summer- yikes I am behind! Just a quick recap of some of my favorites from last summer's Renegade Craft Fair in San Francisco. Yoko from Homako- always the booth I run to first.
A pretty great banner from Nice.
Above, Erin Dollar original prints & home decor.
Donovan & Kathy  , Nice necklaces,  etta + billie, and planted (couldn't find shop link)
lisa swerling, and pie bird press (my favorite stationery from this show.) 
At this show I discovered two, new to me, vendors. Hillary Bird & Hey Day Designs. Delightful lines made by delightful women. The best thing about these shows are meeting new people. And shopping of course ;) 
A table full of goodness from Small Adventure.
It's almost time to prep for the craft fair season all over again...
all photos by margaret haas, 35 mm film. 
What is buried treasure?


  1. I just love the way film looks. And Yoko is too cute!

  2. Love Yoko and Homako. She is brilliant and adorable!



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