Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Sent with love No. 4

Last week was our pen pal meeting at ReForm School. Usually our meetings consist of a project but this meeting was specifically dedicated to writing letters. So we broke out the typewriters and I was able to write three letters.
I also typed up some address labels for a few packages I was sending out.
Most of the packages I needed to send out were photos from our All Monsters Are Good photo shoot. These kraft mailers were just too plain so I printed out these floral patterns from pugly pixel onto photo paper.
Using the Xyron machine I made them into stickers. 
They really brightened up the packages :)
all photos by margaret haas.


  1. Cool! Gonna go Google Xyron machine now.

  2. Your mail is always so nice looking. I would love to send you a letter or two. Let me know if you're interested lipton.teeblog@yahoo.com

  3. I LOVE your art mail. One day I will share (if you let me of course) these sweet mails

  4. Lovely packages! I would kill to be able to send out a letter with the return address "The Chateau Marmont"! What a treat!



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