Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Signed, sealed & delivered (to me) Pt. 4

I got some very good mail this week: a package from Allie, a letter from Mary, A letter from Donovan, a note from Valerie, a postcard from Ana.
Mollye's note included a little porcelain cat. 
Remember when Amy gifted me a tea cup and saucer at the tea party? Her mom came across this beauty and got it for me. Isn't it amazing? I had a cup of tea in it this morning. Pretty tea cups definitely make my morning better.
Allie's package was bursting with cuteness. She knows me so well, I just love everything. 
As soon as I saw this glitter I just had to try it. It's very "mardi gras." It's called "galaxy" though. I'm spoiled :)
all photos by Margaret Haas.

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  1. Ahh, that teacup is adorable! And I'm glad you got my letter!!



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