Monday, March 5, 2012

Wedding talk No. 4 (engagement party & thank yous)

We had our engagement party for friends in early January. For how small our apartment is, it sure can pack in a bunch of people. I had a custom dress made out of red raw silk at a dress shop in Sunset Junction. Katie made her signature boozy punch and did my makeup, Amy did my hair, Brady let us borrow her disco ball, and Nat was the DJ. It was such a fun night.
We got so well stocked with champagne that we didn't even have room for all the bottles in our fridge. For our thank yous, I used the same design as our invitations, the mini envelope with a note inside. This time, instead of printing out the message, I hand wrote each thank you. Thank you notes should always be written by hand- I don't care how busy you are or how messy you think your handwriting is. 
Supplies usedmini envelope punchgold pen, 4 bar cards and envelopes.
Portraits by Dab, all other photos by margaret haas.

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  1. Those little thank you notes are the cutest!
    xo Heather



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