Friday, April 27, 2012

Buried Treasure No. 11

Today I'm sharing photos from our trip to the Atlanta Aquarium. It is the biggest aquarium in the United States, and I think maybe even the world. As for the blurry faced picture above-  this is a running joke. When Allie and I were on the sex and the city tour, we walked to Carrie's stoop and this guy walking his dog offered to take a picture of us. So I handed him my camera, and told him you just have to look through the viewfinder and focus it before you click the shutter. We were waiting for him to take the picture and he paused to ask- "do you want stoop blurry or faces blurry?"  (Who would want a blurry faced picture?) We said "stoop blurry" but of course, got back blurry faced pictures. When Tony took this picture of me he asked "fish blurry or face blurry?" and you can see what he did. Har Har.
For as much as I'm terrified of going in the actual ocean I do really like visiting aquariums. Look at these little guys, how cool are they? It's incredible to think that there can be giant blue whales and these tiny creatures cohabitating.
I am also very mesmerized by jelly fish. Were they the inspiration for lava lamps? I could stare at them all day. 
They are so cool looking! 
The Atlanta aquarium houses a whale shark. It is so scary. 
I think this is a spider crab. I mean how scary would it be to run into this guy? I'll never go scuba diving! 
 Piranhas are pretty small but also bad ass. 
These fish patterns are very eye catching. They sure do move fast I am lucky I got this picture. 
I didn't hear what these guys were doing in the big tank but they were attracting a lot of fish. Maybe a feeding? 
 Manta rays have a great shape.
These colors look so good together. That's just two fish, the blue guy has a reflection in the glass.
We had a great time at the Atlanta aquarium.
All photos by margaret haas taken with 35 mm film, except the first one.
What is buried treasure?


  1. The GA Aquarium is AWESOME! I've heard that although the GA is the largest in the world, the Chattanooga Aquarium is better. (I can't vouch for that, I haven't been to that aquarium in about 10 years) Irregardless, the tank with the whale sharks and all the other marine life was my absolute favorite part- so peaceful just watching the fish swim around. Can't wait to see your other ATL trip photos!

    1. Thanks for the tip, I would love to check out the chattanooga aquarium :)

  2. That looks so fun! I haven't been to an aquarium in forevers. I must visit next time I'm in Atlanta. That blurry pic story totally made me laugh. I feel like that would be something that would happen to me & my friends too. Have a good week!



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