Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Buried Treasure No. 6 NY

Just a bit of back story; Allie, Mollye, Lindsay and I all met each other while in the art department at UCSC. We basically spent all day and all night with each other. After we graduated, we parted ways but we like to meet up once a year. Last November we got to reunite in New York. On the first morning we took a walk together through central park. Just looking at these pictures makes me miss my ladies so much.
We stayed in Christine's charming West Village apartment, it's basically the perfect location to be in Manhattan.
Most mornings started with a walk for a cup of coffee.

This was our favorite go to spot. I don't remember the name of the restaurant but it's very nicely decorated and there's great food at a very reasonable price. It's right in the lobby of the Jane hotel, which was right around the corner from Christine's apartment.
Over the course of the trip, I tried the coffee, a smoothie, a croissant, a sandwich, and a salad. All excellent!
The Jane also has a cool bar which is at the other end of their lobby. The Jane looks like a fun place to stay.
Lindsay was a great sport and posed for me whenever I wanted. I love NYC front doors.
We are lucky when Mollye is in one place long enough for us to visit. I took this photo of her at Cafe Habana, our last lunch together. When can I go to NY again?
all photos by margaret haas taken with 35 mm film
What is buried treasure?



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