Monday, April 23, 2012

Buried Treasure No. 9

Back in November, Tony had to go to Atlanta for work so after his conference I flew there to meet up with him. It was my first trip to the south and what I noticed right away was how nice everyone was. I was waiting at baggage claim and when my bag came around I went to pick it up but a nice gentleman said "allow me" and got it off the conveyor for me. That would never happen at LAX! I was a bit shocked. It didn't stop there; people held elevator doors open, and always allowed you to get in their lane while merging. Definitely took some getting used to for me. We had tons of recommendations from friends so the next day the first place we went was Virginia Highland. Our destination was Cacao. It's a charming boutique where they make all their chocolate in house.
They have so many varieties to choose from, solid, sipping chocolate, truffles, and custom bars. 
They also make their own ice cream! But it was a bit too chilly for me to have ice cream so Tony and I ordered some sipping chocolate. On top came a house made marshmallow. 
Before we left I had to get an order of custom chocolate. There's about 20 different mix ins to choose from and they make it right in front of you.
They also have a non chocolate pastries and drinks. 
If anyone is ever in Atlanta I'd say cacao is definitely worth stopping by. Also it's a great place to pick up some gifts for the people back home :)
All photos by margaret haas taken with 35 mm film.
What is buried treasure?


  1. I'm from Atlanta, so I'm glad to hear you received a lot of southern hospitality! Where else did you go? The chocolate looks delicious! I'll have to stop by there sometime.

    1. The sipping chocolate is divine I wish I had gotten some to bring back home! I'm going to be sharing more of where we went this week ;)

  2. Looks and sounds like an amazing place!

    1. It was my favorite place that we went in Atlanta. I wish there was a place like that in LA.



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