Monday, April 2, 2012

My weekend via instagram

Tony and I went took a short road trip to Palm Springs this weekend to check out possible wedding venues. It's always fun to get out of town for a while. On Saturday we went to breakfast at Cheeky's and it was the best restaurant breakfast we've had in a while. I got cucumber, mint, and lemon aqua fresca, a bacon flight (jalapeno, cinnamon, maple sugar, pepper)  and housemade greek yogurt. It was so delicious. The wait was long but it's on a popular street so we just walked around for 30 minutes and when we came back we only had to wait about 10 minutes more. Afterwards we went back to the Ace where we were staying.
The whole place is very modern and hip. We had dinner at the King's Highway which was very good. We enjoyed some time poolside and when it got too hot we went to the movies to see the Hunger Games.
It was a short trip but we saw what we needed to see. We're thinking that Santa Cruz is more "us" as a destination for our wedding. 
I'm now headed off on a family trip. My dad, sister, her husband, and I are going to Portland. I have a few posts scheduled but regular posts won't resume until I'm back in town on the 12th. Happy Spring Break!
all photos by Margaret Haas, taken with my iphone 4/edited with instagram.

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