Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Sent with love No. 7

I had a longer post scheduled for today but I decided to split it up over two days. I prefer short and sweet. First things first, I updated my letter ledger from paper & type. It's the same color as a lot of my stuff so I always had trouble spotting it. I just jazzed it up with some decorative tape now it's very easy to find.
I also got a little file folder with tabs that I didn't know what to do with. Turns out, it's the right shape and size to hold my labels and stickers. 
At the last pen pal meeting (the next one is april 17th) we made personal stationery. Since I have so much stationery already, I made some for my cousins. This was a whale stamp that members Ruby and Clare brought in to share.
This is the old version of my stormy weather stationery set, so I just personalized it with my cousin's initials. 
Here is some mail I received last week. Will share the replies tomorrow.
all photos by Margaret Haas


  1. I got that letter ledger from P&T for my birthday, and I love it! If I lived close enough, I would totally come to a pen pal meeting--so fun! :)

  2. i JUST saw this now — love the personal washi update, m!




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