Monday, April 30, 2012

Sent with Love No. 9

Genevieve sent me this adorable new card from her line. Tony and I have received so many cute congratulatory notes but this one is the sweetest. 
I also received packages and letters from Donovan, Lindsay and Nicki.
Nicki sent me some new york themed post its that I have been using like crazy. They are so handy.
Goods from Donovan :)
I made this card at the last pen pal meeting. 
The circle stickers are from the label section of an office supply store. 
I also made Allie a glitter banner with some vintage glitter that Tootie brought to share with the group.
Last week was Mollye's birthday. I sent her this Julia Rothman for Hello lucky card. Great colors!
More outgoing letters and a postcard. 
Plus a few packages.
All photos by Margaret Haas.


  1. I love seeing all your letters! And it's especially cool to see that mine make the cut!!! Thanks!

    1. your letters are great! I love how you decorate the envelopes- each one is different :)

  2. Margaret ignore me as I post on a bunch of your older posts, I'm in awe of your blog! LOVE the NYC post its!!!!



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