Thursday, April 12, 2012

Wedding talk No. 5

I'm back from my vacation and let me tell you- I'm wedding crazy. Before we left Katie booked us an appointment at the Saks Bridal Salon. It was glamourous, elegant, beautiful, and all ours for almost two hours. It was so much fun. While in Portland we also went wedding dress shopping. I'm liking a lot of elements from different dresses but not the whole package of one. I'm picky. I've been scouring wedding blogs, martha stewart weddings, and pinterest for inspiration. I've been pinning a lot to my wedding board (above)
If you have a wedding pinterest board or if you follow some great ones, leave the link in a comment so I can check it out. I'm also interested in wedding blogs and the like. Thanks!


  1. This is my wedding pinboard! (uhm, I hope my html is right haven't used it in ages) Can't wait to sift through yours! :)


  2. I just got married on April 13th and my board was MOST helpful--especially when using it to help others understand the feeling/look I was going for! In the end, it turned out so lovely.



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