Friday, May 4, 2012

Buried Treasure No. 12

On our second day in Atlanta Tony insisted we go to the World of Coke. I resisted as much as I could but eventually gave in. Am I glad that I did! It was the best museum I'd ever been too :) We were able to get on the last tour of the day. Right when you enter, you're greeted by vintage coke signs from all over the world.
The first part of the tour is guided, then you watch a video. Afterwards you are free to roam as you please. I found out many facts like the coca cola logo is hand lettered, and there's an original coke song. 
They have many old machines in perfect condition- you can't get coke out of them, though.
One of their vintage delivery trucks form Buenos Aires. 
The evolution of cans. 
There's a coke for every language.
Probably my favorite exhibit was the wall of postcards from American towns- each was a photograph or painting of the main street and each featured a coke sign. There was a moveable magnifying glass that Tony enjoyed. He kind of hogged it. 
Coke manufacturers all of the trading pins for the olympics. What a collection! I couldn't get a good close up shot so I just took a photo of the wall instead. It reached all the way up to the ceiling.   
Then came the tasting room. Unlimited flavors of every kind of soda that coke makes.  
Some old favorites and some new favorites. Don't you wanna una fanta?
Then came beverly. It's from Italy and made of "sour grapes." I took one sip then screamed out "it's poison!" That set all the little kids off- it's poison it's poison. Terrible tasting!
Then came the second part of the tasting room. Cherry and vanilla coke is so damn good. Yes, we made ourselves sick with all that soda. Worth it! 
And as a parting gift you get to take a bottle of coke with you. They also have a great gift shop. I love the world of coke!
All photos by Margaret Haas taken with 35 mm film.
What is buried treasure?


  1. I'm glad to hear you enjoyed it! I've always wanted to go to the Coke museum! That postcard wall looks amazing and I'm dying to try all those crazy flavors!

  2. Wow I would absolutely love to go there. The tasting room sounds so good!



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