Monday, May 14, 2012

Buried Treasure No. 14

Tony and I really loved visiting Atlanta. It was such a friendly and beautiful place- we oohed and aahed over the autumn colors around every turn.
Atlanta is a pretty big town. We rented a car but I most enjoyed the walks we took. 
There are so many different neighborhoods in Atlanta, you're sure to find a favorite. 
This is Jolene at Young Blood.   She distracted me from shopping.
We were on our way to the airport but I still had a couple photos left to finish on my roll of film. We took the street to the airport and came across College Park. 
Two trains went by in the short time we were there. 
All the buildings and signs look like they are from a different era.  
Everything was closed!
And for how friendly the south is, this sign made us laugh. I still have some more film to scan from other trips but this is the last of Atlanta.
all photos by margaret haas taken with 35mm film.
What is buried treasure?

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