Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Oregon purchases

Just wanted to share a few of the purchases I found in Oregon. Us Californians love shopping in Oregon- no sales tax! Plus the shops aren't picked over like some of the more popular shops in LA. 
I came across these great tins in a vintage shop. The detail on them is pretty amazing. Not sure what I'm going to use them for but I could not pass them up. Maybe I'll store our matches in the short round one. 
In the same vintage shop I came across these window decal stickers. They aren't huge, just a few inches tall and they go on the inside of the window facing out.  
It's very rare that I find a box of vintage nibs in such great condition. I also found a nib holder that fits them. A treasure for sure!
I got this vintage paper pack which is always a gamble. I was a bit disappointed by it- who needs standard white envelopes? I'm going to include bits of it in some outgoing letters this week.
The second vintage paper pack I got was better. Tons of airmail envelopes with many designs I'd never seen plus some postage stamps. These paper packs are a gamble so liking one out of two isn't bad. 
One of my favorite stationery shops is Lark Press, this is one of their new cards. 
I couldn't pass up these crane stationery sets from Oblation. I never come across Crane at the shops I frequent in LA but these colors were too good so I definitely had to indulge. 
At Ecru I found these patterned stickers. You can't tell from the photo but there are shapes like stripes, hearts, and circles.
A Louisiana window sticker and owl stationery set for my friend Erika who liked owls before it was the hot thing.
This 33 book series is pretty clever. I also saw one about beer. I put together this little coffee themed package for Allie. It doesn't look like it but that card is SO glossy- yuck! 
If you're not familiar with the 33 books, they are record books for you to jot down notes, in this case for coffee.
all photos by Margaret Haas.



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