Thursday, May 10, 2012

Oregon via instagram

The first part of our trip to Oregon was spent on the coast. We rented a car in Portland then drove to Manzanita. It was gray, overcast then stormy but the next day was cool and a bit sunny. It was the most relaxing part of the trip and when it cleared up I thought the Oregon coast was just as beautiful as California's. A few pictures I took with my phone on the trip:
a seagull giving me the stink eye, letters and postcards from Portland, Ace Hotel in Portland.
Top Row: hand painted egg, letters and postcards, a tie clip gem I found at Wanderlust.
Middle Row: pins from Powell's books.
Bottom Row: Katie's new ring, adorable matchbox, vintage sheep herder ribbon.
all photos by margaret haas taken with the iphone4, edited with instagram.


  1. THAT RING!!!! Where is it from?? LOVE it.

    1. The ring is from a shop in manzanita called Moxie. I'm not sure who made it though.



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