Thursday, May 31, 2012

Planning to Pack

The days are counting down before Tony and I leave for Israel. While I wish I could bring along my entire writing desk, I limit my travel case to just a few essentials. I remember my last trip, my travel address book just seemed so fat. When you're trying to keep your luggage under 50 pounds every little bit counts. Last time I was in Palo Alto, I visited Village Stationers on California Avenue. I found a little sliver of an address book- just what I was looking for!
It literally fits inside my other address book.
I could not have imagined another more perfect. 
Though I did have to be careful because the lines are so tiny, it all worked out while transferring my addresses over. 
Do you have any travel letter writing essentials?
all photos by Margaret Haas.


  1. I have a mail art kit that I bring with me whenever we go somewhere. It has a tiny pair of scissors (though those go in the checked baggage to avoid TSA nonsense), stamps (if we're staying domestic), a colored pen or two, a Sharpie, two (full) glue sticks, some reclaimed cardstock from my own junk mail to serve as the bases of new postcards, and a little envelope with some ephemera to get me started. Then while we're visiting, I just find papers while we're out and about and incorporate them into collages and send them off while we're there.

    I also like to bring home new stationery instead of tchotchkes, so if I just want to send a letter, I use paper I bought on the trip. A lot of stores we visit have rack cards of their shop somewhere that you can take for free, so I use those as postcards, too. And when buying tourist postcards, I try to find the ugliest postcards possible. My favorite so far as been an aerial photo of a highway cloverleaf near Zanesville, Ohio.

  2. Remember to check hotel drawers for stationery. Even ask the concierge, if you don't see any. And most hotels will mail letters for you as well if you can't find a post office.

    I make sure to take a pen I know will write on slick surfaces like postcards. A Sharpie pen or the Pilot envelope pen from Jet Pens are good options.

    And my name is going to Israel! Its almost like traveling there in spirit!



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