Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Sent with love No. 10

I picked up these vintage Santa Cruz postcards from the paper fair and was planning on sending them, but now I think instead I'm going to incorporate them into our wedding somehow.
If you're familiar with Natural Bridges, you know that the bridge has weathered away by now so I was pleased to find this photographic postcard showing it in it's hey day. I do want to include these into our wedding weekend but have not figured out how to yet.
I picked up these lulu dee cards, aren't they great? Laura really knows how to pair colors.
Yoko went to Japan to visit her sister and brought me back these stationery treats. An onion skin stationery set, typewriter sticky notes, and a rubber stamp that looks like washi tape. Treasures! I love everything, thanks so much Yoko :)
Some incoming mail I go this month.
And some outgoing mail I sent last week.
I gifted myself this new Homako necklace. Fabric jewels, what a genius idea. I had a hard time deciding on what color to get. I chose blue since I wear so much pink, but now I'm thinking I need the pink one as well.
all photos by Margaret Haas.

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