Friday, May 18, 2012


Katie got me this tape set when she visited The Assembly of Text in Vancouver but I have been hoarding it instead of putting them to good use.
Isn't this a great set of tape?
I decided it was the perfect decorative border to add to a piece of plain graph paper.
The colors are so vibrant! Now that I've broken into this set, I can't stop using it on any and everything.
The last time I went over my parent's house I had some time to kill. They live pretty close to a Michael's crafts so I popped in to see what was new. I picked up these alphabet stamps. 
We used them at the last pen pal meeting, to make personal stationery. This is a very high quality set, it comes with upper and lower case letters and it was around $30.
I also picked up another set of alphabet stamps, but this is a clear acrylic set.
If you're not familiar with clear stamps, they are used with a clear block. The block is from the martha stewart section of Michael's.
I'm not sure exactly how they stick, it's like magic. You peel them right off to wash them then they stick right back on. It's great for precision stamping, like when you want to line up letters.
I have a thing for mini boxes. This is a terrible beige color so I'm thinking I'll jazz them up some how.
I found this stamp, it's part of the smashed line (though I don't really know what that is.) The sayings on it made me laugh. Was this thought up in the 90s? Do people still say "oh, snap?" Or is it ironic? Either way, it was only $5 so I picked it up.
The last thing we have room for in my house is more stationery/office supplies, but I think these purchases will tide me over for a while.
Have a great weekend!
All photos by Margaret Haas.


  1. Hahah. I like the "mad props" saying. :-)

  2. I really love this post! And by the way, the stamp is from the 'smashbook company', a company that sells books (called smashbook) and supplies for scrapbooking. You should take a look at their blog ;)!

  3. I need that tape set in my life *___*



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