Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Boys

Before I went to Israel I bought a new digital camera for the trip. I should have spent more time getting to know the different settings because I did a lot of fiddling with dials while on the trip. So when I came home I made a promise that I would take my new camera everywhere. The first place I went was to Katie's house. I picked up the boys from Animal Inns of America (where they were boarded while Katie and Nat were on vacation.) They had just gotten bathed and smelled so great. I followed them around the house with my camera.
I think the most interesting photos are always taken with manual focus.
I think sinjun got a little annoyed with me because he was trying to sleep. What else is new? He's always trying to sleep!
Kumar prefers the breeze coming in through the screen door, it's also his best light.
This guy is so lazy.
The boys were happy to be home and I was happy to have some models.
all photos by Margaret Haas.


  1. They look beautiful. Have you thought about a side career as a pet photographer???

  2. Great pictures! How'd you get them to be so still??

    1. Thanks, I think I just got lucky and they were tired.



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