Friday, June 8, 2012

Guest Post No. 9 - Summer Wardrobe

Hi there, Katie here again, Margaret's older sister for those who don't know.
Every year as the summer season nears (which can be early as March in LA!) I start to build my seasonal wardrobe.  The usual cotton dresses and tank tops always make an appearance.  But, I always make a new and startling addition.  One year was the summer the shorts.  This was major because I had declared at one point that I would never wear shorts again.  I am a fan of making ridiculous declarations that I don’t keep (I will never wear leggings, I don’t swim, I don’t shop at H&M, see below).  Who knows, one of these days I might just succumb to the rompers fad.  Maybe.
About a year and a half ago, I finally jumped on the J. Brand Jeans bandwagon.  I am crazy about the skinnies, and pretty much wear them exclusively when it comes to pants.  
THEN… I was at J. Crew and came across the Anchors Aweigh Pant.  Silk, slightly baggy and cropped navy pants… covered in a tiny anchor print.  OMFG.  So adorable!  I picked them up, all the while thinking they were totally ridiculous (“I only wear skinny jeans”) and too expensive for a pair of novelty pants that sort of looked like pajamas.  I was just trying them on as a lark.  As soon as I pulled them on, I fell in love!  Thus, it became the summer of silky pants!!  A bit later, I went to H&M and found a zip-up pair in black AND green.  Even though my sister calls them genie pants…. I declare it the summer of silky pants!
top photo by margaret, taken at Scoops.
bottom photo from jcrew.

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  1. love the outfit. This looks like comfortable that fits for the summer weather.



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