Friday, June 15, 2012

Sent with Love No. 12

For this batch of mail, I broke out my favorite set of alphabet rubber stamps. 
I used a mix of four different inks to address a very special piece of mail to a member of our pen pal club.
I finally filled out the "about me" form for the Letter Writers Alliance. 
Once I'm in a stamping mood I can't stop. I took out my par avion stamp kit and went to town.
I received a pretty package from Donovan this week, 
and a card from Kate.
I sent Brady the Muji checklist stamp and a postcard of a british breakfast that reminded me of our time together in London.
Katie finishes up her school year this week so I sent her a small package of goods.
After I was done with the par avion set I brought out the vintage office set and made myself a set of notecards.
I also mailed out some photographs as postcards. These traveled all the way across the country so I hope they made it ok.
All photos by Margaret Haas.

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