Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Sent with Love No. 12

I'll be honest, coming home to my pile of mail was pretty much the thing I was most looking forward to when I got back home. This awesome envelope Donovan made me contained a lengthy letter...
And Ana addressed my envelope with her signature style, 
A funny postcard from Mollye, a gold card from Donovan, 
and a letter from what I thought was a long lost pen pal. I was so looking forward to answering all these.
For some reason, one of the first things Tony and I did (Oh, this was also after sleeping for 10 hours straight. That time change really threw us for a loop) was go to Target. They now sell washi tape, and get this, its $4 for four rolls. Insane right? I picked up a blue set, a green set and a red set. Another color was sold out, I think pink.
I went to town. I was actually really surprised by the quality. It's just as good as the stuff that costs $5 a roll.
Sure the patterns aren't as cute and the colors are limited but pretty good that a major retailer is catering to us tape addicts.
Pretty soon all my return letters were decorated with Target washi tape. Sorry "up and up" washi tape, you know the trusty target brand.
I also came home to my new stationery set from snow and graham. One of my new favorites that I put to use right away.
Hopefully these letters have all reached their destinations by now.
All photos taken by Margaret Haas.
*Today is the last day to use the discount code for custom stamps. 


  1. You received some really great mail. After a month of new mail I got 4 on the same day. Its insane really.

    1. I know, I was spoiled when I got back and now I have to wait again for a while.

  2. I love that Snow and G set!!! Incredible.

  3. Ooh, I accidentally discovered that tape at Target too and bought three sets. I just couldn't resist. It feels a little more like masking tape, yeah? Not quite the same lightness as washi tape to me, but still totally cool to have available at a place like Target! :)

    1. feels the same to me but i didn't try it right next to any of the mt brand that i usually use. sounds like a good experiment :)

  4. I'm a new reader & I love your blog! I was really happy when I stumbled upon those tapes earlier this summer. So far I have the reds, and they are being put to good use. :)

  5. What Target has Washi Tape?!?? I now have to rush over and spend all of my money lol. Also for only $4 for 4 I really need some of this since I'm being so slow to actually spend money on Washi Tape. Thanks for the heads up!



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