Sunday, June 24, 2012

Thirty until Twenty Seven

Yikes-  it feels like the summer is flying by! Sorry to all the teachers out there- I know you guys hate to hear that ;) This was technically supposed to post on Saturday (since my birthday is July 23rd) but it wasn't quite ready.  It's a fun thing I've been doing for the past few years so I didn't want to half ass it. Here are 27 things that are on my wish list for my 27th birthday. I'm going to be 27, really? !! (note- links will be in italics from now on)
Row 1) I'd love a girls day with any/every one of my friends. A manicure is a must. This website has tons of inspiration/cool designs. I always want what I can't have...these summer days are making me wish for those cold (ish) winter (ish) days where I would curl up with a hot cup of tea. This beautiful tea kettle  would be a nice addition to my tea parties. I could look through typography books all day long. This is the newest one that's caught my eye.
Row 2) Every few weeks I switch up our fridge with new cards and pictures. These magnets would really jazz it up. The other day I saw a girl with a California necklace so when I got home I searched for one. I came across this version and I like it even more. As soon as I started searching for necklaces, I found a ton I like, like this one in ombre...
Row 3) and these five perfect wooden beads. I really like the shop a merry mishap, so I found it impossible to just pick one, so I picked a pretty pink one and a gold dipped one. But should I pick just one? It's my birthday wish list, no rules! 
For as long as I can remember, I've treated myself to a special birthday dress. Seeing as how this is the only birthday as an engaged woman, I've finally embraced white dresses. Row 1: Organic cotton, dipped back, strapless and festive.
And speaking of weddings, I'd love more time with my fiancee and maid of honor to plan our collective dream wedding. Row 2: Miss Piggy and Kermit are one of my favorite couples :) 
In hopes of becoming a good wife, I have started making Tony breakfast before he goes to work. This delivery would make mornings a lot more delicious. 
Macarons are so darling, this trinket box is no exception.
Row 3: Pretty desk accessories are all the motivation I need to actually sit at my desk and answer some emails.
When I take off my ring at night, I just place it anywhere there is room on my vanity. I'd love one of these special gold leaf ring bowls, to keep it safe. A reminder to practice my lettering.
Row 1: Have you checked out Ana's samples of the ink drop club? I want to be a member, what a cool idea.
I don't know what it is about this bag, maybe it's because it reminds me of being in college but I love how official it looks. And this would not or could not be a complete wish list without a few cameras, right?
Diana mini, gold is your color.
Row 2: I already have a fish eye camera but this one is just SO cute and tiny. Panorama and teal, ideal for summer. I never did get my hands on La Sardina, but I am glad I waited.
Row 3: It's not a trick, that's an iphone in the water! It's very own scuba suit. I've seen what the instax can do, now this instax wide is calling my name. What's a birthday without a baked treat? This American pie looks divine.
All photos from linked sites. 

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