Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Crazy For: Pouches

I recently became obsessed with pouches; all shapes and sizes.
I got this one from Forever 21, because I can't resist gold or polka dots.
Tony got me this set of three which are very heavy duty and hold a lot.
I packed it full of my letter writing supplies and took it to a coffee shop. Handy & Dandy.
This one is my favorite. This line, Vintage Remade, was one I discovered at Unique LA. 
She finds outdated clothes and remakes them. Don't you love this lining?
This beautiful brown leather is so buttery soft. 
all photos by Margaret Haas

Color code your life

Almost every day I have to tell someone which key to use. As you can see, my key ring is a mess. I have keys to my apt/building/mailbox, my sister's house, my parent's house, the shop, the studio, and the studio bathroom (both men and women.) Then I came across this GENIUS idea. So simple, so effective, and I'm able to use supplies I already have. 
Yes I've tried those plastic key covers but they just get dirty and fall apart. This is a great solution! Just take your keys off the ring, and cover one side in a coat of nail polish.  
Wait about 5 minutes then flip and cover the other side. American apparel polish covered the best.  
Now when someone needs my keys, I can easily point them out: women's restroom? hot pink!
all photos by Margaret Haas

Thursday, July 26, 2012

This Weekend

We've been getting ready all week for the 4th Annual Renegade Craft Fair Los Angeles. It's this weekend, July 28+29 from 11am-7pm both days, at the Los Angeles State Historic Park. We'll be under the big tent. Wear a hat 

Some helpful FAQs
Are there ATMs on site or nearby?
While there will be a handful of ATMs on the park fairgrounds, we definitely recommend having cash with you by the time of your arrival to the fair! China Town features several banking centers a 10-15 minute walk from the fairgrounds.

How do I get there?
If you have access to the Metro Rail, the park is less than a block away from the China Town Station on the Metro Gold Line. Visit LA Metro to plan your trip!

Driving Directions 

Use 1245 North Spring Street as your Destination Address when Google Mapping/MapQuesting, etc.
101F Northbound or Southbound
Exit Alameda Street, turn right at the off ramp and Alameda turns into North Spring Street.  The park will be on your left.

I-5 Freeway
Exit Broadway, go west and stay in left lane.  When Broadway splits in two directions, take North Spring Street to the left.

Is there parking nearby?
There is plenty of free parking in the parking lot adjacent to the park.

Are pets allowed?
We’ve seen all sorts of pets at Renegade – dogs, cats, parrots!  The Los Angeles State Historic Park is a public place, so as long as you’re respectful to others and keep your pet on a leash – it should be fine!

Power and Light Press (SALE)

One of the perks of going to lots of craft fairs is shopping / trading with other vendors. Kyle has been on the road this past year with her type truck so I have not been able to stock up on her line, Power and Light Press. The good news is she's having a summer sale- 25% off all sales over $20 using the code SUMMAHTIME. Hurry though- this sale ends today! I just got some posters, stationery, and cards. See all her great stuff here.
This is already hung up in my studio.
All photos from Power and Light Press.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

I saw it in a dream

Have you guys seen the new stamp from Scout's Honor Co.? Well I pretty much love every single thing that Anne Marie makes but this one stamp got stuck in my subconscious. I had a dream about it!
So I emailed Anne Marie and we decided to do a another swap between shops. I sent her some goods, she sent me some goods.
Finally, it was mine :) I got a chance to use it right away.
A couple weekends ago was Unique LA. I wasn't vending at it but my sister asked me to go to pick up these handmade leather shoes, as a gift for her friend Brady. Katie had gotten a pair at the spring show and loves them.
They are great looking and comfortable I hear. Tons of great colors, I like the flamingo style.
I couldn't find any box or bag that fit these so I had to come up with another option.
I always have a roll of brown paper handy so I got out my favorite teal ink pad and went to work.
The teal just wasn't enough so I pulled out my multi color ink pad.
Just what it needed!
Technicolor dream stamp
Wrapping made easy!
All photos by Margaret Haas

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Recent Favorites No. 29

It's been too long since I've been able to look through flickr. These are the best of the best! Vanessa Paxton's Color project is blowing me away.
 Andrea is having her 2 for 1 summer sale. 
A pretty package, just because.
 Hand carved cloud stamps.
 I've been so obsessed with vintage postage but these forever stamps from the usps are pretty great too.
A very cool personalized ipad case.
What a great NY card. Makes me want to plan a trip, if for the pretzels alone.
 This book is available for pre order!
If you've ever wanted to throw a letter writing social but didn't know where to begin, this handy kit from the Letter Writer's Alliance is sure to point you in the right direction.
All photos from linked sites.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Warby Parker

When a new product campaign is done well, that's worth sharing. I can't get enough of these color collections featuring the new Warby Parker Summer Crystals. Clearly they were somewhat inspired by the things organized neatly concept and it works so well. 
I'm interested in the Preston Bellini style but not sure how a light frame would look on me. Good they they still offer the at home try on service! I'm going to order a few. Cross your fingers for me :)
All photos from Warby Parker.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Israel Part 1

We arrived to Tel Aviv around 3 in the afternoon, after our 15 hour flight from Los Angeles. We checked into our hotel, the Carlton, which was right across from the Mediterranean sea. What a view! Above is a photo of the beach that day with Jaffa in the background.
We walked north to the port of Tel Aviv, and the beaches on the north end were much less crowded. Tony seemed mad but I think he was just tired and the sun was really bright.
There were many signs and we figured that the beaches south of us were more "party spots" and that these were more for families. At the beaches just south of our hotel, you could rent chairs and umbrellas, and there were tons of bars.
The sea was very calm and so pretty. 
The port of Tel Aviv reminds me a lot of the Ferry Building in San Francisco.
It was here we got our first taste of fresh Israeli juice- delicious! And much needed on such a hot day.
We walked along the beach until it was time for dinner.
Tony seemed a lot happier after his juice ;)
All photos by Margaret Haas.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The tale of our juicer

This week I am editing our pictures from Israel.  I can start sharing them tomorrow. One of the most memorable things about Israel was that on every street, there was a fresh juice bar. Many of the juice bars I go to in the states use frozen fruit, like Jamba Juice. The ones in Israel only use fresh produce and juice it right in front of you. I had a juice every day I was there and the taste just can't be beat. When we got back home, I missed my daily juice fix. Maybe I was imagining it but after about a week I thought my skin looked dull. The only change I could think of was I wasn't having my juice everyday. Also, I was snacking more throughout the day. Then a friend told us about the movie: "Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead". It's pretty shocking to me that this man got his life back by just having juice for all his meals. Clearly that is an extreme case and isn't right for everyone. However, it made me think!  After I had my juice (usually around lunch time) I wasn't hungry again until dinner. Tony and I decided that we should get a juicer.
After doing a ton of research online (you tube videos, reviews) we finally decided on a Breville. We went to Sur La Tab at the Farmer's Market on 3rd and Fairfax to pick one up. They had juicers, blenders, and espresso makers out as samples. We asked one of the employees for his thoughts on the best juicer and he suggested a Hurom because it juices leafy greens better than the Breville. We got a live demonstration of the Hurom Juicer and were really impressed. We preferred the Hurom because it is smaller, quieter, and the pulp is  very dry. I don't have any specific recipes that I follow, I just buy whatever fruits and vegetables look good that week but I always include carrots and spinach.
First I wash everything.
Then I cut it up. The fattest part of the carrot is the top so I cut that at an angle.
Here I've cut up 6 carrots, two oranges, two nectarines, and two apples. 
This is the juicer without all the parts connected. In our apartment counter space is sparse so the small size really helps.
It has 5 parts to attach then you put the container on the right side to catch the juice, and a container on the left side to catch the pulp.
 Here it is completely put together.
This is what it looks like in action, I like to start with some carrots.
Then I move on to spinach. I usually do about 4 handfuls. I bunch up a handful then gather it in the opening. I push it through with a carrot. I like to alternate soft fruits with hearty vegetables.
The juicer loves citrus, it doesn't even work for it. The carrots take a bit longer to juice.
I think it's too much work to make just one glass so usually I make a pitcher for Tony and I to share. I have heard that the longer the juice sits, that the enzymes start to break down so it's best to consume it when it's freshly pressed. 
We love our juicer! I definitely would not be eating this many fruits and vegetables in one day and it's just as healthy if you drink them because there's nothing else added.
All photos by Margaret Haas.
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