Monday, July 9, 2012

My Week via Instagram

Sorry for disappearing like that! It was in my best intentions to schedule some posts for the 4 days I was gone but time just got away from me. We left on Tuesday for Santa Cruz and celebrated the fourth of July with Tony's parents, his brother David, my sister Katie and her husband Nat. Tony made some amazing fajitas that everyone enjoyed. 
The next day my college friends came down to stay with us and they were able to come along on some wedding related business. Just some of the things we did during the four days:
  •  tasting with the baker,
  • tasting with the caterer
  • my makeup trial
  • photo/measuring session at venue
  • specific flower talk with florist
  • chose reception chairs, plates, glasses, and flatware. 
Very productive! Don't get me wrong, though it was an official "wedding planning trip" we had tons of relaxation and down time. There were cocktails and beer, foot massages, shopping at our favorite places downtown, early morning breakfasts, and walks on the beach. This trip made me even more excited that we are getting married in Santa Cruz.
all photos taken with my iphone and edited with instagram.

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  1. Ooh, Santa Cruz sounds like the perfect place! Glad the wedding planning is going well for you!



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