Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The tale of our juicer

This week I am editing our pictures from Israel.  I can start sharing them tomorrow. One of the most memorable things about Israel was that on every street, there was a fresh juice bar. Many of the juice bars I go to in the states use frozen fruit, like Jamba Juice. The ones in Israel only use fresh produce and juice it right in front of you. I had a juice every day I was there and the taste just can't be beat. When we got back home, I missed my daily juice fix. Maybe I was imagining it but after about a week I thought my skin looked dull. The only change I could think of was I wasn't having my juice everyday. Also, I was snacking more throughout the day. Then a friend told us about the movie: "Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead". It's pretty shocking to me that this man got his life back by just having juice for all his meals. Clearly that is an extreme case and isn't right for everyone. However, it made me think!  After I had my juice (usually around lunch time) I wasn't hungry again until dinner. Tony and I decided that we should get a juicer.
After doing a ton of research online (you tube videos, reviews) we finally decided on a Breville. We went to Sur La Tab at the Farmer's Market on 3rd and Fairfax to pick one up. They had juicers, blenders, and espresso makers out as samples. We asked one of the employees for his thoughts on the best juicer and he suggested a Hurom because it juices leafy greens better than the Breville. We got a live demonstration of the Hurom Juicer and were really impressed. We preferred the Hurom because it is smaller, quieter, and the pulp is  very dry. I don't have any specific recipes that I follow, I just buy whatever fruits and vegetables look good that week but I always include carrots and spinach.
First I wash everything.
Then I cut it up. The fattest part of the carrot is the top so I cut that at an angle.
Here I've cut up 6 carrots, two oranges, two nectarines, and two apples. 
This is the juicer without all the parts connected. In our apartment counter space is sparse so the small size really helps.
It has 5 parts to attach then you put the container on the right side to catch the juice, and a container on the left side to catch the pulp.
 Here it is completely put together.
This is what it looks like in action, I like to start with some carrots.
Then I move on to spinach. I usually do about 4 handfuls. I bunch up a handful then gather it in the opening. I push it through with a carrot. I like to alternate soft fruits with hearty vegetables.
The juicer loves citrus, it doesn't even work for it. The carrots take a bit longer to juice.
I think it's too much work to make just one glass so usually I make a pitcher for Tony and I to share. I have heard that the longer the juice sits, that the enzymes start to break down so it's best to consume it when it's freshly pressed. 
We love our juicer! I definitely would not be eating this many fruits and vegetables in one day and it's just as healthy if you drink them because there's nothing else added.
All photos by Margaret Haas.

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