Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Gifted No. 2

I'm sharing some more of my fabulous birthday presents today. Erika, who knows my love for packages and cosmetics, found this incredible gift: Birch Box. Each month I get a whole new batch of products, they send a sample and if you love it you get a discount on the full size version.
My first box contained rose water, designer band-aids, luxurious soap, a lip and check stain, and perfume. 
The Friday before my birthday was a rough day. Just everything went wrong since the moment I got up. All that changed when I finally got home and checked my mail. I had something from Donovan- not only a package, but a birthday present! I forgot all about my bad day as soon as I got that package up to my apartment. Can you believe this wrapping job? There is a loop for the pencil to hold it in a secure place. And that chicken/egg ribbon? So good! An expert wrapper.
The fun didn't stop there- inside the package was a letterpress notebook from hammer press, a gift log, recipe cards, plus a multi colored pencil. 
My friends sure know how to spoil a girl :) 
All photos by Margaret Haas

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  1. Great gifts. I've been wanting to sign up for birchbox for a while now, I didn't realize they were so cheap. I may have to look into that.



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